Lenmar PRO427 compatible with Eveready EN91

  • 2700mAh AA rechargeable NiMH batteries are ideal for high-drain devices
  • Recharge up to 1,000 times using any NiMH battery charger
  • Includes free battery case
Model: PRO427


Lenmar PRO1025 compatible with Eveready EN91

  • 1.2V / 2500mAh AA rechargeable NiMH batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times using any NiMH battery charger
  • Provides reliable, long-lasting power for all of your battery-operated products that use AA batteries
Model: PRO1025


Lenmar PRO541 compatible with Eveready EN91

  • General purpose AC charger for AA/AAA, C/D & 9V NiMH or NiCd batteries
  • Compact & versatile - plugs into any 120V AC outlet to charge
  • LED charge indicators provide at-a-glance charging status
  • 2 year warranty
Model: PRO541


Lenmar PRO78 compatible with Eveready EN91

  • 8 channel charger for up to eight AA/AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries
  • Compact, versatile and lightweight - great for roadtrips, vacations and events
  • Includes eight 2000mAh AA NiMH batteries so you'll never be without power for your electronic devices
  • Use the 100-240V AC & 12V DC adapters to recharge your batteries at home or in your car
  • 2 year warranty
Model: PRO78